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The Ahresty Group considers the trust of its stakeholders to be the starting point in conducting all of its business activities, and maintains a management philosophy of making constant efforts to raise the Group’s corporate value.
All Ahresty Group employees are required not only to observe and adhere to laws and company rules, but also to engage in fair and honest business activities, in compliance with the corporate ethics and morality that are demanded by society.
In order to achieve this, the Group has established a basic policy of compliance “Compliance Principles”, a compliance standard to be observed by all employees, including both executives and regular employees; and is constantly working to increase recognition and understanding of this policy throughout the Group.

Compliance Promotion Framework

In order to promote compliance at all of its business locations globally, the Ahresty Group has established a Global Compliance Committee.
The Global Compliance Committee holds regular meetings for planning and promoting all aspects of the Group’s compliance framework and sharing information by exchanging opinions with regard to compliance-related problems, etc.
The Group has also established two points of contact for consultations relating to all aspects of compliance; one internally, and one externally (at an advisory attorney’s office). Both of these consultation contact points employ operating methods and mechanisms to avoid any detrimental impact to persons consulting with them (as stipulated in the Guideline for Compliance Reporting System).

Code of Conduct of the Ahresty Group

The Ahresty Group has established a Code of Conduct that sets forth essential provisions, from a compliance perspective, to be adhered to when concrete actions are taken towards realizing the spirit of our management philosophy.
The Ahresty Handbook outlines the Group’s Code of Conduct and Compliance Principles, along with other key information, and has been translated into five languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi and Thai) for distribution to all executives and employees at all of the Group’s global business locations, with the objective of increasing understanding of these codes and policies throughout the Group.