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For Environment

We are aiming at becoming an environmentally-friendly
enterprise by making efforts to reduce the load on the environment as far as possible.

Active Contribution to Conservation Activities

Ahresty has helped to reduce the weight of automobiles and provide support for environmental conservation efforts through the manufacturing of aluminum die casting products. The Company is actively involved in conservation activities, responding to input from employees who desire to aid conservation efforts outside work.
Since 2007, employees at the Higashimatsuyama Plant, Kumagaya Plant, and the Tokyo head office have jointly planted trees in Ahresty’s forest in Ogose, Saitama Prefecture, and have worked together to thin the underbrush in the forest.

Examples of activities

  • Ahresty’s forest development (local forest development)
  • Volunteer activities in the Iwaya Ryokuchi
  • Cleaning of the Flower Road and River activitie
  • Voluntary cleaning of nursing homes
  • Red Cross Blood Center Voluntary blood donation
  • Cleaning campaign at Lake Hamana
  • Meeting for appreciating the nature of the Arakawa River and Kumagaya
  • Tenryu River cleaning campaign
  • Umeda River community cleaning campaign

and other activities totaling approximately 80 events

Examples of activities

Ahresty eco License

Ahresty has established the Ahresty eco License, a unique internal examination system, to improve its employees’ awareness of the environment. The examination is offered several times every year. Almost 80% of the employees have passed the examination to date, and they undertake their daily business activities with a higher level of environmental awareness.


Ahresty Green Convention

Ahresty Green Convention is an assembly for reporting on actual environmental improvement activities.
Effective activities reported in the Convention are introduced to other business offices in a horizontal manner, and the Convention also serves as a useful opportunity for communication.

Ahresty Green Convention

Ahresty Environmental Policy

1. We clarify that our activities of development, production, sales, and disposal are related to, and influence the global environment, and establish the environmental purpose, goal, and implementation plan as well as revising them as necessary, and constantly strive for improvement in our environmental conservation activities.

2. We observe environmental regulations, regulations, and agreements from federal and local governments, stakeholders etc., and establish our self-standard within the possible range as technically and economically, and strive for further environmental protection.

3. We especially act for following items preferentially, and make effort to environmental protection and prevention of contamination.
(1)We thoroughly manage process and facilities related to air pollution and water contamination, and prevent them.
(2)We maintain 100% of recycle rate in regard to waste materials.
(3)We promote the reduction of total amount of waste materials, the expansion of aluminum recycling business, and contribute to recycling-oriented society.
(4)We aim to reduce CO2 omission, and be cautious of Global Warming.
(5)We aim to develop and design the products and commodities that respect the environment.

4. We constantly stimulate awareness for environmental issues among our employees with respect to environmental protection by means of providing training as well as internally communicating the policy.

5. We enhance a harmonious relationship with society by striving toward environmental conservation of the local community.

~We disclose this environmental policy both internally and externally.~

ISO14001:2004 Certification

At Ahresty, we are constructing an Environment Management System based on ISO 14001:2004 and every single employee is promoting environmental activities.
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Registered client:

Ahresty Corporation
Tokyo Head Office, Tokai Plant, Higashimatsuyama Plant,Kumagaya Plant, Head Office and Technical Center, Ahresty Tochigi Corporation, Ahresty Kumamoto Corporation, Ahresty Yamagata Corporation, Ahresty Pretech Corporation, Ahresty Die Mold Hamamatsu Corporation, Ahresty Die Mold Tochigi Corporation,Ahresty Die Mold Kumamoto Corporation, Ahresty Techno Service Corporation

※ Ahresty Pretech Corporation, Ahresty Die Mold Tochigi Corporation, Ahresty Die Mold Kumamoto Corporation the scope of certification, including Ahresty Die Mold Kumamoto Co., Ltd., will be officially revised after examination in June 2022.

Scope of Registration:

Manufacturing and Sales of Pressure Die Castings, Gravity Die Castings and Secondary Aluminum Alloy Ingots.
Design, Manufacturing and Appurtenant Services of Special Purpose Machines and Peripheral units for Die Castings.
Design, Development, Manufacturing and Sales of Dies for Die Castings.Design, Development Manufacturing, Sales and Appurtenant Services of Building Materials such as Access Floor Panels.