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Jun.1938 Our original company, Shimura Aluminum established Aluminum alloy ingots, die casting products and aluminum sand mold castings
Nov.1943 Fuso Light Alloys Co.,Ltd. established
Die casting products and aluminum sand mold castings
Mar.1960 Japan Precision Die Mold Mfg. Co.,Ltd.(present Ahresty Die Mold Hamamatsu Corporation) established
Jul.1960 Fuso Light Alloys, Hamamatsu Plant completed
Hamamatsu Plant completed
Oct.1961 Fuso Light Alloys Co.,Ltd. Listed at Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
Apr.1962 Tokai Seiko Co.,Ltd.(present Ahresty Pretech Corporation) established
Apr.1962 Launched MOVAFLOR, Japan’s first free-access flooring system
Mar.1963 Kyoto Die Casting Co.,Ltd., Toyohashi Plant (present Tokai plant) completed
Mar.1971 Tochigi Fuso Co.,Ltd. (present Ahresty Tochigi Corporation) established
Mar.1972 Ditec Co.,Ltd.(present Ahresty Die Mold Tochigi Corporation) established
Sep.1976 Kumamoto Fuso Co.,Ltd.(present Ahresty Kumamoto Corporation) established
Mar.1981 Ditec Co.,Ltd., Kumamoto Plant (present Ahresty Die Mold Kumamoto Corporation) started operations
Jul.1984 Fuso Light Alloys Co.,Ltd., Kumagaya Plant completed
Aug.1984 Fuso Light Alloys Co.,Ltd., Higashimatsuyama Plant completed
May.1985 Pascal Trading Co.,Ltd. (present Ahresty Techno Service Corporation) established
May.1988 Ahresty Wilmington Corporation established
Ahresty Wilmington Corporation established
Oct.1988 Company name changed to Ahresty Corporation from Fuso Light Alloys Co.,Ltd.
Oct.1989 Deming Prize for the year 1989 awarded (Small and Mid-Range Industries)
Feb.1997 Thai Ahresty Die Co.,Ltd. established
Mar.1997 ISO9001 certified (Free Access Floor)
ISO9002 certified (Die Castings, Aluminum Ingots)
Mar.2001 ISO14001 certified
Jul.2002 Thai Ahresty Engineering Co.,Ltd. established
Aug.2003 Guangzhou Ahresty Casting Co.,Ltd. established
Oct.2003 Merged Kyoto Die Casting Co.,Ltd.
Nov.2003 Ministry of Economy and Industry Prize awarded at The 20th Materials Process Technology Commendation
Mar.2005 Ahresty Precision Die Mold(Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd. established on premises of Gaungzhou Ahresty Casting Co., Ltd.
Apr.2005 Pascal Industry Co.,Ltd. And Sugahara Precision Industry Co.,Ltd. were merged into Ahresty Yamagata Corporation
Jun.2005 Head Office moved to Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Jun.2006 Ahresty Mexicana, S.A de C.V. established
Sep.2006 Technical Center established
Technical Center established
Jan.2007 Ahresty India Private Limited established
Aug.2010 Hefei Ahresty Casting Co.,LTD. established
Apr.2011 Consolidated organization into Tokai Plant ahead of the planned integration of Hamamatsu Plant and Toyohashi Plant
Oct.2013 Head office/headquarters moved to Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture (former head office becomes the Tokyo head office)
Mar.2014 Change in listing of the shares from the Second Section to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Change in listing of the shares from the Second Section to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Nov.2014 ISO/TS16949 certified (Higashimatsuyama Plant)
Jan.2015 ISO/TS16949 certified (Tokai Plant)
Oct.2020 Ahresty Inclusive Service Corporation established
Apr.2022 Merged Ahresty Die Mold Tochigi Corporation and Ahresty Die Mold Kumamoto Corporation with Ahresty Die Mold Hamamatsu Corporation
Apr.2022 Merged Ahresty Pretech Corporation