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For OA floors (Office)

MOVAFLOR For OA floors (Office)

MOVAFLOR flooring efficiently handles large volumes of cables and wiring, creating comfortable office spaces

Business environments are constantly evolving, and office automation is becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex. The systematic handling of cables and wiring has become a matter of urgency.
With its extensive track record, Ahresty’s MOVAFLOR flooring system has proven its reliability in terms of strength, performance, high-level workability and ease of maintenance. MOVAFLOR enables efficient, systematic handling of cables and wiring, allowing customers to create tidy, well-organized, clutter-free office environments. Furthermore, the lightweight and highly recyclable aluminum die cast materials are also environmentally-friendly, making MOVAFLOR an ideal choice from an ecological standpoint.

MOVAFLOR office panels

Product name MOVAFLOR 50L
Material Die cast aluminum
Dimensions (mm) □500×23
Weight (kg) 3.9 (with lid cover attached)
Strength 2mm/3000N deflection (with concentrated load on central section of the panel)
Floor height (mm) H60~200 (including finishing material)
H50 (excluding finishing material)
Surface material Tiled-carpet / vinyl tile
  • Please consult with us regarding surface finishing materials (laid tile, etc.)
  • Panel deflection is measured for a load of diameter 50mm pressurizer on top of the center section of a single panel. 
  • φ7 × 376, open ratio: 6% (when lid for wiring extraction opening is attached).

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