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For computer room

MOVAFLOR For computer room

Systematic solutions for handling today’s high-speed, high-capacity cables

In today’s sophisticated information-based society, the development of efficient network environments is an important issue. It is no exaggeration to say that the key to this issue lies in the use of flooring systems that can efficiently handle massive amounts of cables and wiring.
Ahresty’s MOVAFLOR flooring system makes maximum effective use of over half a century of expertise and know-how in raised flooring. MOVAFLOR flooring offers superior strength, economy, ease of construction and above all safety, enabling the realization of efficient and systematic cabling / wiring solutions for computer rooms.

Aluminum Solid Panels

Aluminum panels which are lightweight, highly workable and non-magnetic, and available in a wide range of sizes
  • Customers can choose from a range of sizes (between 450mm square and 600mm square) according to their desired usability and building modularity.
  • Customers can choose between heavyweight and lightweight types depending on the conditions of use, such as the weight of equipment and devices being used in the room.
  • Same-sized panels are interchangeable, enabling combined use according to the desired layout and placement of equipment within the room.

Aluminum Perforated & Grating Panels

  • Customers can choose between two sizes (500mm square and 600mm square) for both perforated and grating type panels.
  • Same-sized panels are interchangeable, enabling combined use of solid panels, perforated panels and grating panels.

Steel Solid Panels

Ahresty panels are highly appraised for their extensive track record.
  • Our panels are coated by cation electrodeposition to prevent rusting.
  • Panel edges are surrounded by a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic extrusion of width 5mm (for 500mm square panels) or 6mm (for 600mm square panels).
  • Customers can choose between two support types: stringer or bottom-surface support.
  • Stringer-type support reduces the chance of rattling and shaking. Additionally, because the panels are lowered into the stringers, this method reduces the risk of panels popping up (or falling down) off the support structure. In the case of steel panels, the use of stringers also enables electrical conductivity between adjacent panels to be ensured easily, by allowing electricity to pass through the stringers themselves.

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