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Cultivation of Human Resources at Ahresty

Cultivating the human resources that underpin our MONOZUKURI

Global RST Learning

Even on production shop floors characterized by increasing use of the IoT and automation, Ahresty believes that the cultivation of human resources who always aim high is essential for pursuing technology and quality.
Global RST Learning is an educational system that enables all Ahresty Group employees to undergo the same level of educational training globally, allowing us to pass on the manufacturing expertise that we have accumulated since our founding.
We recommend training through which employees experience the importance of standards.

Global RST Learning-1
Global RST Learning-2

Global Kaizen Meeting

The Global Kaizen Meeting is held for the purpose of improving technical skills and the level of technology at all bases. Engineers from all bases gather together to solve problems through the presentation of case studies and discussions and to continuously implement initiatives for the future.
All our bases are working together to realize the creation of high quality products with high productivity.

Global Kaizen Meeting 1
Global Kaizen Meeting 2

G/E Trainer Development

We can improve the quality and productivity of our manufacturing processes through a steady and continuous process of kaizen (improvement).
We train the leaders in these manufacturing processes as G/E Trainers, enabling them to acquire the abilities necessary to analyze the current situation and find concrete solutions to problems, and to offer guidance and instruction to their subordinates.

What is a G Trainer?

G Trainers have the competence to carry out individual and organizational kaizen activities globally, and to teach factory supervisors those processes.(Required training period: 3 years)

What is an E Trainer?

E Trainers have the competence to carry out individual kaizen activities at their own facility, and to teach their subordinates those processes.(Required training period: 1 years)

G Trainer
E Trainer


The MONOZUKURI JUKU (manufacturing cram school) was launched in 2012 as a way of nurturing the next generation of potential managers who will be responsible for Ahresty.
During the induction period which lasts around one year, potential managers pursue the essence of MONOZUKURI by identifying issues and problems and making decisions to resolve them from management perspective, while deepening their technical knowledge and skills.
Today, graduates of MONOZUKURI JUKU work as senior management and leaders at plants and technical centers in Japan and overseas, passing on Ahresty MONOZUKURI to the next generation.

QC Circle Activities

Originating from the first internal competition in Tokyo and Hamamatsu in 1971, QC circle activities have become widespread throughout the entire Ahresty Group as its business has expanded in Japan and overseas. The Global QC Circle Competition held once a year is attended by all of the 21 business offices in Japan and overseas and provides an opportunity for our QC circles around the world to improve their activities.
Especially in recent years, overseas QC circle activities have also increased and developed to the extent that they also receive awards in external competitions.

First QC Circle Competition

First QC Circle Competition

A recent Global QC Circle Competition

A recent Global QC Circle Competition