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10-Year Vision

To become a company to which people say, “Ahresty is trustworthy, and the most reliable supplier.”

To that end…
Pursue MONOZUKURI, provide products and services that are excellent in QCDD; Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Development, and contribute to customers’ business development. Always think customers first and respond to expectations and trust.

Realize a rich society by pursuing and integrating each of the above,Corporate Philosophy,10-Year Vision,Winning absolute customers’ trust 2025, Our aspirations

CEO interview

Winning absolute customers’ trust by employees’ endeavor Brighten “Ahresty” brand in future

10-Year Vision “Winning absolute customers’ trust 2025” has been announced.
What is “Winning absolute customers’ trust”? What are our future roles and aspirations?
Interviewed President Takahashi about ambitions for 10-Year Vision, strategies for realization, and future goals.

What brings you the vision of “Winning absolute customers’ trust”?

President Takahashi
Ahresty has pursued MONOZUKURI since establishment of the company.
What we aim to achieve, as described in our corporate philosophy, is to “offer superior products and service to our customers.” To achieve this objective, it is necessary for us to continually raise the level of our efforts. As we seek to become a company that grows together with the trust of our customers, it will be necessary for us to keenly assess our current situation, and to move forward in a manner which responds appropriately to the trust and expectations of our customers. It is for that reason that we have adopted the vision of “Winning absolute customers’ trust.”

How can we accomplish “Become the most reliable supplier in the eyes of our customers”?

One of our favorite fields which can be contributed to customers is large scale products with higher difficulty. This requires all-around capabilities based on technological strength. We would like to aim at becoming the most reliable supplier by enhancing overall balance of QCDD; that is Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Development.

How about the next headline “Contribute to the weight reduction of automobiles globally”?

The vision of “Winning absolute customers’ trust” may be regarded as conservative, but that is not correct.
Automobile manufacturers have been addressing a theme to reduce CO2 globally. Ahresty also have to continue the R&D and makes an effort to progress die casting itself. To raise the level of technology and to enhance proposals for contributing to the weight reduction of automobiles are our thoughts in this headline.

After accomplishing 10-Year Vision, what kind of aspirations will be existed?

By winning absolute customers’ trust, brand image of Ahresty as die casting supplier will be able to be established.
We would like to be recognized as “When it comes to die casting, that is Ahresty, When it comes to Ahresty, that is die casting.” from world-wide automobile manufacturers, and practically we can.