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Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Initiatives

To protect customers’ personal information and ensure compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant laws and ordinances, Ahresty Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) handles personal information as follows.

1.Provision of Personal Information

The Company acquires customers’ personal information to the extent necessary for the following Purposes of Use.

Purposes of Use

1. To provide customers with Company product information, corporate information, services and information relating thereto
2. To answer inquiries made by customers
3. To contact customers as and when necessary
4. To provide applicants who contact the Company to apply regarding employment opportunities with information relating to such opportunities and answer inquiries regarding such opportunities, to consider the possibility of employing such applicants, and to contact them regarding the outcome of such considerations
5. Other legitimate purposes of use based on laws and ordinances, etc.

When acquiring and/or using personal information for purposes not specified above, the Company shall obtain the customer’s prior agreement before doing so.

2.Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

The Company uses personal information provided to it to the extent stated in the Purposes of Use. The Company also makes shared use of personal information provided to it as follows, to the extent stated in the Purposes of Use.

Entities with which the Company makes shared use of personal information: subsidiaries and affiliates of the Company
Entity responsible for management of personal information: Ahresty Corporation

The Company will not disclose personal information it receives to any third party other than those specified above without the prior agreement of the customer, or without legitimate cause based on relevant laws and ordinances, etc.

3.Management of Personal Information

The Company shall appropriately manage personal information provided to it, and shall endeavor to implement safety measures against loss, damage, destruction, falsification, unauthorized leakages outside of the Company, or unauthorized access.

4.Other Provisions

The Company shall work to make continuous improvements to ensure appropriate handling of personal information. In some cases, the methods of handling personal information outlined herein may be subject to changes, revisions or additions as required by revisions and/or abolitions of laws and ordinances, etc., and other such necessities.

The methods of handling personal information outlined herein shall apply to the Company and its shared users.
The Company accepts no responsibility with regard to POPI on other websites linked to its website by hyperlinks, etc. Please be sure to check the POPI policy for any other websites that you may use.

For inquiries concerning personal information, please contact:
Ahresty Corporation
Human Resources Department
General & Legal Affairs Section