About Us

Ahresty Corporation is a manufacturer of automotive parts focused on die casting. Ahresty, with more than 75 years’ experience in research and development and aluminum die casting production, is responding to the needs of diversified aluminum die casting products. As an integrated die casting manufacturer, we handle everything from producing aluminum alloy ingots to the assembly of completed products and offer high quality products. We have developed 3 businesses around the central pillar of die casting.

Die Casting Business

Accounts for 90% of sales. Orders for engine parts, transmission parts and other powertrain systems are relatively high. Main customers are automobile manufacturers, automotive parts manufacturers.

Aluminum Business

We melt down aluminum scrap collected from housing and automotive waste or beverage cans to manufacture recycled aluminum alloy ingots. Main customers are foundries and die cast manufacturers. As well as using a portion of the ingots we manufacture for our die casting business, we also put our know-how of the metal trade to use with a raw materials purchasing function for the die casting business.

Proprietary Products Business

We manufacture, sell and install the aluminum raised floor system used in data centers and clean rooms at semiconductor plants. Main customers are general contractors in the construction business.

Corporate Profile

  • Company name:

    Ahresty Corporation

  • Established:

    November 2, 1943

  • Number of employees:

    Ahresty : 919
    Consolidated : 7,215
    (As of March 2017)

  • Tokyo Head office:

    Nakanosakaue Sunbright Twin 5F, 2-46-1 Honcho, Nakano-ku,
    Tokyo, 164-0012, Japan

  • Telephone:


  • Head office
    and Technical Center:

    1-2 Nakahara, Mitsuya-cho, Toyohashi-shi,
    Aichi, 441-3114, Japan

  • Telephone:


Our facility

  • Die Casting Plants:

    Tokai Plant (Japan)
    Higashimatsuyama Plant (Japan)
    Ahresty Tochigi Corporation (Japan)
    Ahresty Kumamoto Corporation (Japan)
    Ahresty Yamagata Corporation (Japan)
    Ahresty Wilmington Corporation (U.S.A.)
    Guangzhou Ahresty Casting Co., Ltd. (China)
    Hefei Ahresty Casting Co., Ltd. (China)
    Ahresty Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)
    Ahresty India Private Limited (India)

  • Die Casting Die Plants:

    Ahresty Die Mold Hamamatsu Corporation (Japan)
    Ahresty Die Mold Tochigi Corporation (Japan)
    Ahresty Die Mold Kumamoto Corporation (Japan)
    Thai Ahresty Die Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
    Ahresty Precision Die Mold (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. (China)
    Ahresty Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)

  • Secondary Aluminum Ingot Plants:

    Kumagaya Plant (Japan)

  • Machining:

    Ahresty Pretech Corporation

  • Designing:

    Thai Ahresty Engineering Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

  • Peripheral Equipment for Die Casting Machines:

    Ahresty Techno Service Corporation (Japan)

  • Research and Development:

    Technical Center (Japan)

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