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Progress in 1618 Three-Year Ahresty Plan and Results in the First Half


To realize the Ahresty 10-Year Vision, “Winning Absolute Customers’ Trust 2025,” Ahresty is executing its 1618 three-year Ahresty Plan from 2016, working to achieve the targets defined in the vision:

- Become the most reliable supplier in the eyes of our customers,

- Contribute to the weight reduction of automobiles globally, and

- Achieve our sales target of more than 200 billion yen.

All sites of Ahresty (in Japan, the United States, Mexico, China, Thailand, and India) are pursuing the same initiatives. Until the previous fiscal year, Ahresty had assessed progress at each sites, but from the fiscal year under review, it is assessing progress in each of three regions (Japan, North America, and Asia). Sites in the same region are understanding each other’s advantages and disadvantages so as to improve their level. Assessment meetings are being held quarterly in Japan and every four months in North America and Asia. Project members are improving the quality and speed of improvement by exchanging opinions face-to-face in addition to visiting sites. These activities have just begun but are facilitating the establishment of an Ahresty Production Way, standardized education, production techniques, and quality systems.


The Group steadily pursued initiatives under its 1618 3-year Ahresty Plan. For the first half of the consolidated fiscal year under review, the Company recorded net sales of ¥66,976 million (down 7.2% year on year), operating income of ¥3,326 million (rising 82.9% year on year), recurring income of ¥2,857 million (an increase of 131.2% year on year), and net income attributable to owners of parent of ¥2,112 million (up 142.2% year on year).


Automobile production in the world varies from region to region with market circumstances, but in the medium term, the auto market is expected to continue to expand, especially in emerging countries. Ahresty is aiming for sustainable growth by manufacturing aluminum die casting parts, which are indispensable for auto production. The core products will be those that are difficult to manufacture, for which Ahresty can take advantage of the technology and management capabilities that it has accumulated.


We believe that in the long term, aluminum, whose specific gravity is approximately one third that of iron, will contribute to satisfying increasing demand for reduced automobile weight. Ahresty will respond to demand associated with hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles by enhancing its existing technologies and working to develop new technologies. As we pursue this approach, we hope that we can continue to count on the support of our shareholders.

President & CEO Arata Takahashi

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